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Our logistics

B2B Distribution Process

Strong Logistics

We deliver our products, with national coverage, to pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and medical offices.

We are demanding in compliance with all stages of control and traceability.

Storage Conditions

Our company provides storage spaces in accordance with GDP standards:

Controlled temperature (8 * -25 * C).

Control of thermosensitive areas (cold chain) (2 * -8 * C).

Environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) monitored and recorded continuously through control systems

Dedicated areas for each category of products (medicines, food supplements, medical equipment, cosmetics, products with special regime) and for the destination of products (for delivery, withdrawals, non-compliant)

Fefo Management

Separate and secure areas for sensitive products, with special regime or quarantine

FEFO management of products and batch management according to the specifications of each client, for product traceability.

The warehouse has separate areas of:

  • reception and dispatch
  • palletized storage
  • handling and stacking equipment
  • refrigerators and cold rooms
  • special walls and paving for easy sanitation
  • fire prevention and extinguishing system
  • alarm, video surveillance and security system

Specialized Staff

The flow of products is processed with specialized personnel for each operation. All the staff is regularly trained in line with the latest applicable GDP, to ensure the highest distribution standards.

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